Goodbye Roman

21 MARCH 2017 by JÜRGEN

Roman was the first person to become really enthusiastic about Kards. We met up one night so I could tell him all about my idea for the project, and I remember how much he loved it. Without any hesitation he wanted to be a part of it, and eventually, he was. On paper he may not have been Semantical’s first employee, but he was the first to believe in our mission.

Today it is my sad duty to report that, last week, Roman died of an undetected intracranial aneurysm. One day he was fine – nobody suspected anything – but the next day he was gone.

Roman held many different jobs during his lifetime (which isn’t really that common here in Germany). He never seemed afraid to let go and start something new. And he was a guy who kept a list of principles he tried to live by. I know because I saw the list.

He didn’t take life for granted. He didn’t stand still. He challenged himself. He made the most out of the time he was given. His untimely death, at 42 years young, reminds me that we all live on borrowed time. We should take Roman as an example and make the most of our lives, too.

Goodbye, Roman. It was great to know you.

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