Welcome to Kards

Note-taking was yesterday. With Kards you don’t just write text — you capture knowledge, everything that’s important to you and your life. Kards takes remembering to a whole new level. For everyone.


Small is Beautiful Kards loves each single piece of information. It uses knowledge cards — a digital version of the familiar index cards — to store each thought separately. Still need to write an entire text? Notes are still there if you need them.
Natural Language Labels Kards allows each knowledge card to be labeled in plain English. These labels are used to automatically organize your knowledge. With Kards you retain the full control otherwise provided by folders and tags, while adding incredible precision and speed.
Bookmarks Came across an interesting website? It takes only one click to create a knowledge card from it. This makes Kards’ innovative features available for web bookmarks too.
Files Cluttered desktop? Simply drop a file onto a knowledge card, add a natural language label, and you are good to go. Kards can both link to as well as store files.

Find & Review

Knowledge Browser Kards arranges your knowledge into a beautiful browsable book, which will immediately feel familiar to you as it utilizes well-known web browsing metaphors. But instead of cryptic URLs, Kards is using plain English.
Automatic Table of Contents Unlike the simple hierarchy offered by folders, Kards provides you with multiple entry points to your knowledge, revealing even more options as you dig deeper. Rediscover every aspect of your knowledge with just a few clicks.
Finding Simply describe what you are looking for, e.g., “movies by Clint Eastwood”. Full-text search is also available, and both can be easily combined to obtain even more precise results.
Certified for Pros Kards is optimized for keyboard usage. For example, you don’t have to use a shortcut to search, simply start typing. Both search and natural language labels use fast and powerful autocomplete.

Join our preview program

Kards isn’t released yet, but snapshots of our ongoing development are made available for OS X El Capitan. If you have an invitation code you can enter it here:

Don’t have an invitation code yet? We are looking for testers who are prepared to immediately contact us with any questions or if roadblocks arise either via email or Skype.
Drop us an email if you are up for the task.